How I posted 100 posts in a day [accidentally]

First, I apologize to all my followers if their Mail got flooded because of me . Every blogger’s dream is to post as often as possible. I wished for it too and voila it came true(in a way?)  you all might have wondered how I could have posted a 100 posts in a day.  The reason behind the mess is  I used ”if this then that ” to post my tumblr and pinterest post to my blog . What I failed to notice   (and I apologize deeply for it)is that it had formed a loop pinterest to blog, blog to pinterest.. And for every post in my blog there was a tweet too sadly.. I noticed only after two hours. By then already the loop resulted in about a 100 posts. Please don’t shoot at me! Again I kindly request  my followers to pardon me.

So bloggers if using ifttt hope you don’t do the same mistake as mine.

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