5 Birthday surprise ideas to make the day extra special

Cakes . Candles . Wishes. Flower. Party. Bored of the monotonous birthdays year after year .Time to change the wheel ! Here are 5  cool ideas to convert the ordinary to extraordinary

1.Sticky notes wont be that sticky this time

This is the place where you let your imagination go wild as it could be done any way you like. For example write beautiful messages in each note and stick it up to fill an entire wall or  in the form of heart shapes for your beloved .  Another way is to leave them in places sure to be visited by the birthdaygirl /boy . After all letters showcase the emotion at a higher scale.


2.Calls and messages to add a creepy tint

Are you the one who likes to play happy pranks very often then this is the one for you . But this calls for making prior preparation as it doesn’t just involve you (unless you are a hacker ). Inform as many of your friends who are NOT acquainted with the birthday girl/boy to send a  wish as a normal plain old  text message (with no signature )exactly at midnight .More the number more the fun . When messages from unknown numbers  keep piling the inbox it sure will make them go pale  . when you feel you had enough fun seeing him go crazy with fear it’s time to break the silence.


3.Let the balloons fly in a box

Is it just  kids who get fantasized with colorful air filled ovals or rounds bedazzling the sky  ?I believe there is no age line that shuts the wow quotient. So whats better a treat than a bunch of balloons . But who said about handing those right away. Lets spice things up . After all we like to play with our dear ones . In one big solid box place your precious little (or may be not) gift at the very back .And here comes the fun . Blow just the number  of helium balloons and make a heap right inside the box .Wrap it all up to one big present  . A lovely note  makes all the difference . Make sure to place it in a place for the birthday girl/boy to see first thing in the morning. Once the tapes are peeled the balloons shower up in the air leaving  the gift waiting to be opened.


4.Let’s play pirates of Caribbean !

Wait before you pull out the sails. We are not talking about the real black pearl here. But none the less we could settle for a map. And yes your inner voice guessed right – a treasure map.  A map that leads to  gift after gift and finally with the most precious one. If jotting down the dots in map is a laborious task then place the first clue in more commonly visited places with each one pointing a way to the next .



Cable ties ? check . mask ? check . runaway plan ? double check. Now …Knock knock  . When the surprisee opens the door blindfold and tie them up . Drive to the  designated party area or to a wonderful places such as restaurants , concerts or movie of their favorite star .



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