The girl with an Attitude

Is it my fault or am I in a place which sees the world differently. As far as I could remember I have been appreciated among friends, family and teachers throughout school for my good manners. But all that changed when I stepped in my college. The world that I knew off turned topsy-turvy. I was tagged as, “the girl with the attitude” from the very first semester. I didn’t find any difference in me apart from shifting towards technology that stormed the social media. But again that lasted for just half a year. I got bored of it and didn’t find much need to log on everyday just to see the newsfeed and chit chat with friends. Be it social media or real life, for every word I uttered I was scrutinized and judged. It made me question am I running for an ISO Certification for my character? I have been for long bold enough to speak out my thoughts on any stage. Little did I know speaking out meant you are having an “attitude” problem. I agree that something is really wrong with me if my teachers find fault in me.Most of the time I either be invisible or a teacher’s pet. On the other hand I fail to understand what is bugging my friends and seniors. Yes, I have eloquent English slang and communication skill which everyone would if brought up in a girl’s convent. And thanks to your criticism I did go through a phase where I almost became a bad converser in English until I rebooted myself. I give a nod to your thoughts and facts- since we don’t have English as our mother tongue we would not be the masters but does that mean we should not improve our self to become the masters? Is it really necessary to call those who speak  effectively with names that hurts so bad. Another contrast I found between my school and college was the relationship with seniors. Back in my school days seniors were so friendly that we considered them as our own sisters. Pranking and talking crap together was an enjoyment of a lifetime.  Now am expected to consider them as higher rank army officials? What is the need to inscribe in the fear ? Why draw a line between juniors and seniors? Why subside the talents ? Why command a virtual rule that is unwritten in the official rules and regulations of college? Why allow the jealousy to make the better of you? If a junior has better skills motivate and build the inner courage rather than breaking down the wall to crumbles.

In a nutshell I am just SICK of you calling me to have an attitude problem. I was not brought up to be a naïve little girl who just nods her head forcing herself to be accepted by the society. I am the change for my own self.


The Girl with the Attitude.


5 thoughts on “The girl with an Attitude

  1. sumaica January 18, 2016 / 9:27 am

    You know what, there is no need for you to feel like you have a problem. It’s called having an opinion.
    Also, I can relate so well with the language problem. I have never understood why people think it’s cool to talk in English by ruining the language. Your thoughts are so precise in this post. Be who you are and the one’s who truly matter will like you for that. 🙂

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    • percyreads January 18, 2016 / 3:23 pm

      love your words !! and i always live by the last line you mentioned 🙂

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