through the tunnels -discovering myself


It’s almost like three in the morning, still not fallen a victim of slumber.No particular reason though. The hour when all the buzz and liveliness of the day has taken a break and the silent melody of darkness has engulfed. As the glittering stars light up the canopy of black slain, the nocturnal voices orchestrate the union of me and myself.

Tonight I have decided to get lost in the labyrinth of my heart. The task in hand is to find the treasures that lay hidden within the darkened corners that none but I have ever dared to traverse. Yes it is true. The human heart is deeper than the deepest seas and is easy to get lost in it’s over whelming depth. But having decided to take the risk, I pacify my mind promising that it will not go too far to forget my way back out .

So I get down to my task, at first feeling nothing but the soft fleshy walls contracting and relaxing in perfect electrical rhythm in the same way as learnt in biology! So it is true after all !my blood rushing  fast to feed my hungry tissues and ah! How can I miss my heartbeat? The drum roll that differentiates me from any non living creature. Yep ,confirmed .I am ALIVE .

As you can see, it does take long time to get the biological functioning of my heart and to find what I was actually looking for. It is dark in here I must say. But somewhere I can sense the presence of light. That’s where I need to get. I mutter to myself and start walking toward my destination.

Ouch ! something hit  me ! I find it to be just a torch. Fell from the walls above me . I reach out to take it in my hand and notice that it is labelled ‘Kindness’. Mere existence did not make me human. The touch of kindness from THEM brightened me up. I wouldn’t have walked a distance more than a few yards that I trip . Damn it hurts. Second time getting hurt ! Bad day I guess .I get up cursing myself for not being careful ENOUGH and was about to walk away when my curiosity gets better of me and I bend down to take a look. I’m shocked to see the label ‘Care’. That was when I remembered the day I was little crying my heart out over a broken play thing. THEY noticed and walked up to me though they never said a word (I must admit it was the best thing to do considering the state of mind I was in) sat next to me and staring at some distant object. They remained with me till I managed to collect myself. That day I learnt what it meant to care for a person. I came back to my present sense and started to walk. The nest moment I smell something heavily … Jasmine? Peach?Rose? or is it food ?nah… definitely not food . I decided to look. I reached the origin of scent and astounded to see the blazing red source the fire even hurt my eyes. It was ‘sacrifice’. I glared for a long time thinking how THEY have sacrificed a lot for the betterment of my life. Their touch of sacrifice was passed on to me I guessed. Having this in mind I walked on to the end of the tunnel. I moved swiftly in a pace that could be neither called running nor walking. The light grew bright. I continue further and there it was a bedazzled box. Oh! What’s this … with the eagerness of a child removed the tape and peeped through the opening. I there was written ‘Love’. Yes indeed, THEY have showed love so much that it is difficult to digest and question if it is humanly possible. Love the most superior virtue, the energy that drives one to completion is the most precious gift and THEY have given it to me and now I take the privilege of caring that one precious gift ready to share it with the world! THEY have sculptured me!

By now it is possible to have guessed right. THEY are my parents! The kindness, care, sacrifices and love showed by them is unimaginable. There can be no adjectives to define those. In addition these have stood the test of time. After, all this pampering in return they order us to do one thing – to live a happy life! Now that is what is called as unconditional. We are in debt for life. The bond that connects the child and the parent is hard to cut off no matter how hard the child works against it. But wait think again, why would someone who is seeking love and affection for the entire life say no to the one that is glittering right before his eyes? In case if such a thought ever crosses the tiny little mind of the child, then for damn sure he will be tagged as the worst demon among us all. Wise is the one who understands this for UNTIL THE VERY END THEY NEVER VACATE OUR HEARTS.


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