My life as editor Week #1

Hello everyone !

I thought i could give a sneak peek of what’s going on in my life as an editor . It all started when i joined college in fall 2013. Since then i had been part of my college’s journalism club and now I am the editor ! I cant believe it myself . Its been a month since i was elected but still the news never seems to subside. Super excited every time i think of it … Yay!

One of the major task of the club is to release a quarterly newsletter . And the first edition i am working on as editor just rolled up this week . We finalized on seven articles- all relating to my college . And am pretty happy about the list . We are yet to assign tasks to the writers. Usually prefinal years pen it but this time we thought we could bend some rules . We shall be roping the sophomores as well. This news is going to be  a surprise to them! Additionally we planned on some interesting activities for freshers . The task involves the work of writer,photographer,cartoonist. We didn’t leave anyone out (*wink*)

We have our college fest coming in the month of  March and privileged to say we are the media partners and participants/hosts ! Here comes the best of all .Today we were asked to cover and publicize the Tedx event which would take place in the near future . Arent we growing ? ( A smile is plastered to my face right now 😛 )

Many hopes and dreams to be fulfilled but for now “Thats all folks”

Thanks for reading down till here,

Until next time,

Percy Reads,



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