My life as editor Week #1

Hello everyone !

I thought i could give a sneak peek of what’s going on in my life as an editor . It all started when i joined college in fall 2013. Since then i had been part of my college’s journalism club and now I am the editor ! I cant believe it myself . Its been a month since i was elected but still the news never seems to subside. Super excited every time i think of it … Yay!

One of the major task of the club is to release a quarterly newsletter . And the first edition i am working on as editor just rolled up this week . We finalized on seven articles- all relating to my college . And am pretty happy about the list . We are yet to assign tasks to the writers. Usually prefinal years pen it but this time we thought we could bend some rules . We shall be roping the sophomores as well. This news is going to be  a surprise to them! Additionally we planned on some interesting activities for freshers . The task involves the work of writer,photographer,cartoonist. We didn’t leave anyone out (*wink*)

We have our college fest coming in the month of  March and privileged to say we are the media partners and participants/hosts ! Here comes the best of all .Today we were asked to cover and publicize the Tedx event which would take place in the near future . Arent we growing ? ( A smile is plastered to my face right now 😛 )

Many hopes and dreams to be fulfilled but for now “Thats all folks”

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Lagging behind ..


Hey guys ! A little update of the past 7 days . Frankly it was not the best reading week. Could finish only half of Opal (* Damn shame , aint it ? *). I am so lagging behind . Reason ? Been busy planning for freshers welcome scheduled this Monday . Adding to that my mock interview took most of my time . (I don’t want to talk about . i don’t want to jinx it but hopefully it was okay ). But the mock made me realize i am quite lagging behind in my preparation too .Lots of catching up to do !Technically and bookishly ! Now with 100 pages left in Opal hopefully i believe that i would be able to complete it tomorrow . Next week iam planning on rereading Hunger Games . I dont know why but just feel like it (*grins*). And of course ,thank you for liking my posts,commenting  and following me while i was off the hook ! Means so much !

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50 Followers !! yay !

I woke up this morning to find this..


I super duper happy ! and feels like i’ve grown wings to fly ! Thank you so much for the love and support ! I know this aint a big deal but it is for me considering ive been active only since jan 8th !Though i started this blog in November i was on only for three days .. was just learning my hand in wordpress and then my end semester exams started and was busy through out december.With the new year i made a resolution to be active in the blog atleast to satisfy my inner ego .Now juggling between school and blog was the best of the best !Having to see 54 bloggers liking what i post is …(*finding it difficult to put in words *) Huge hugs and kisses for making me feel out of the world !



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The girl with an Attitude

Is it my fault or am I in a place which sees the world differently. As far as I could remember I have been appreciated among friends, family and teachers throughout school for my good manners. But all that changed when I stepped in my college. The world that I knew off turned topsy-turvy. I was tagged as, “the girl with the attitude” from the very first semester. I didn’t find any difference in me apart from Continue reading

through the tunnels -discovering myself


It’s almost like three in the morning, still not fallen a victim of slumber.No particular reason though. The hour when all the buzz and liveliness of the day has taken a break and the silent melody of darkness has engulfed. As the glittering stars light up the canopy of black slain, the nocturnal voices orchestrate the union of me and myself.

Tonight I have decided to Continue reading

How I posted 100 posts in a day [accidentally]

First, I apologize to all my followers if their Mail got flooded because of me . Every blogger’s dream is to post as often as possible. I wished for it too and voila it came true(in a way?)  you all might have wondered how I could have posted a 100 posts in a day.  The reason behind the mess is  I used ”if this then that ” to post my tumblr and pinterest post to my blog . What I failed to notice   (and I apologize deeply for it)is that it had formed a loop pinterest to blog, blog to pinterest.. And for every post in my blog there was a tweet too sadly.. I noticed only after two hours. By then already the loop resulted in about a 100 posts. Please don’t shoot at me! Again I kindly request  my followers to pardon me.

So bloggers if using ifttt hope you don’t do the same mistake as mine.

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