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It’s almost like three in the morning, still not fallen a victim of slumber.No particular reason though. The hour when all the buzz and liveliness of the day has taken a break and the silent melody of darkness has engulfed. As the glittering stars light up the canopy of black slain, the nocturnal voices orchestrate the union of me and myself.

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5 Birthday surprise ideas to make the day extra special

Cakes . Candles . Wishes. Flower. Party. Bored of the monotonous birthdays year after year .Time to change the wheel ! Here are 5  cool ideas to convert the ordinary to extraordinary

1.Sticky notes wont be that sticky this time

This is the place where you let your imagination go wild as it could be done any way you like. For example write beautiful messages in each note and stick it up to fill an entire wall or  in the form of heart shapes for your beloved .  Another way is to leave them in places sure to be visited by the birthdaygirl /boy . After all letters showcase the emotion at a higher scale.


2.Calls and messages to add a creepy tint

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Earthking: The Earthking Chronicles: Book 1


When a killer strikes from the shadows young prince Colmeron is torn from the comfort of his father’s castle and sent into hiding with the man he’s sure is the traitor. Secluded in a distant refuge, Col comes to know the power of his ancestors, the Earthkings: men with the power to shape and control the land. But will that be enough to save the kingdom when an ancient enemy returns to free their long captive master?





First I would like to thank StoryCartel( ) for providing me with this copy. I am not  going to lie ! In the beginning I was in a little dilemma whether to read it now or put it up in my tbr list for the holidays as I have my end semester exams going on . And as you can say from this post the former won the battle of my minds . And am happy that i chose to read because such a book should not sit in the shelves .

This book  like any other young adult novel is filled with mystery,magic ,power ,giants and of course the Blackbirds . But  what makes it to stand apart is that  …(wait for it …) Its a bedtime story ! Yes you got me right . The writing is so intricate and drifts to several fables along with the story line . I think i am going to compile all of the short tales together for a reread . Yes i am going to do that some time soon . It felt so satisfying to imagine and bring life to the words .

The lead character(Colmeron /Colby/Col)  is finely scripted .Emotions are very relate-able ,starting off as a care free prince who loves to prank his brother slowly moves on to become devastated when disaster strikes the door .This gets him clueless ,lost and to be filled with rage only to learn he is going to be the NePrince . The death of  characters who I thought were  leads  got me off guard every time and from then on the  confusion on whom to trust and whom not to made me turn the pages .In addition the story takes you across the boundary through the winter storm , the waving seas , lone islands ,shadowy forests and dusty roads . Surely  the traveller in me had masterful journey .

Did i love reading it ? Yes but  I expected a bit more of action-clashing of the Good and the Bad . We only get  glimpses in the short fables for more than half way through the story . Therefore in my opinion it makes it more like a mystery novel??!

Get it from a girl who read this book in a day with her exams  scheduled  the next morning -It is a good read with wonderful writing and   characters . I would rate it 4 on 5 and definitely recommend to get yourself consumed in the tale before drifting off to dreams .

Thanks for reading down till the end .


EarthKing : The EarthKing Chronicles

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How I posted 100 posts in a day [accidentally]

First, I apologize to all my followers if their Mail got flooded because of me . Every blogger’s dream is to post as often as possible. I wished for it too and voila it came true(in a way?)  you all might have wondered how I could have posted a 100 posts in a day.  The reason behind the mess is  I used ”if this then that ” to post my tumblr and pinterest post to my blog . What I failed to notice   (and I apologize deeply for it)is that it had formed a loop pinterest to blog, blog to pinterest.. And for every post in my blog there was a tweet too sadly.. I noticed only after two hours. By then already the loop resulted in about a 100 posts. Please don’t shoot at me! Again I kindly request  my followers to pardon me.

So bloggers if using ifttt hope you don’t do the same mistake as mine.

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