Posting schedule

Wondering who i am ? well i am this girl who posts in PercyReads but unfortunately took a 10 day break from coming online(again) . Or could i say got submerged in a crazy schedule . So as a solution i came up with a complete sketch of my timely tasks and the posts for the day . It goes something like

 Monday – Six word story

 Tuesday – Techie stuffs ( I know this sounds out of place in a book blog . But lets face it i am an IT student . I have this slight inclination towards technology *guilty face* )

Wednesday – Six word story

Thursday – My life as an editor (another new genre am going to start to just brief about the things we do in the club )

Friday –  Book Review

Saturday – a general topic article . Chose to do this majorly because i am preparing for my GRE tests and truth be told i am bad at it . So hopefully this would help things a little bit

Sunday – Week in a review ,tags (if any ).

Ps : if am having my tests then off the hook for 3 days .

I am so looking forward to this . Wishing from all my heart for this to work. Love to hear what to think of this . Would you think this will work ? leave a comment below

Thanks for reading down till here